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Collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos and contact with the production, for the implementation of the film. Dissemination of specific messages through the film Crisis Management. Maximizing the screening of the film and the destination in Greece & abroad. Attracting international television networks


Looks like someone's got her groove back! After suffering through months of fat-shaming and criticism over her ever-evolving pregnant body, Kim Kardashian decided not just to embrace her curves but also to show them off in a bikini on her recent vacation to Greece — and Us Weekly has the photos!

PHOTOS: Kim's baby bump style

Proudly baring her seven-month bump in a series of trendy two-pieces, the 32-year-old reality star soaked up the sun on the island of Mykonos, where she and her famous family spent several days at the end of April. (Also along for the Grecian getaway:

Rocking a bikini is a big step for Kardashian, who has been bullied for her weight ever since announcing in December that she and boyfriend 


Travel Specialist Awards 

Sponsorship of the Tourism Oscars, parallel print and online promotion". 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


Monograph issue for Greece in Italy "Issue only Greece and PR actions with Italians TO. and Journalists "2006


Greek Month on German Railways "Greek Gastronomy and Promotion of Tourism on Modern German Trains" 1999,2002,2003,2004


"300 tour operator meetings of US and Greek professionals in a technocratic two days". 2005

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