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MTC GROUP is a tourism consulting company based in Greece and operating since 1998. We represent and consult some of the most popular destinations of the Aegean Sea and the mainland.MTC GROUP organizes also press/fam trips, discusses and explores possibilities for developing alternative forms  of tourism, as well as actions that would result in increasing tourism flows and the destination’s promotion


The company group consists of MORE GREECE based in Mykonos and

KONFLIKT in Los Angeles.

Strategic allies include PROMO GREECE, headquartered in London and

GLOBE TRAVEL MEDIA in Florida, which focuses on US senior travel.

The Team 

Maria Bitziou-Martaki, Vice President with financial supervision, logistics, and public relations

Legal Adviser Socrates Ramos,

Marketing, p.a, to the President: Vassilis Makris

Client Service Elina Gioti,

Representative of the Aegean and corporate relations  Costas Skagias,

Internet Marketing: George Stagakis

Special projects by Spyridoula Papadea,

New Business Associate: William Lytras

Accounting Thanasis Maragiannis.

Notis Martakis
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